The customer is Cierra, a buyer from the United States.  She sells bundles, closure frontal and wigs through instagram and HAIR store, and her mom has a salon that mainly does dyeing in various colors with our 613 color HAIR.  We provide them high quality products.

Fate made us meet.  Everything went well with some small twists and turns.  But we all actively solved the problems.

Problem 1: for her bulk order need urgent ,but half need customized ,half in stock. I usually ship twice times ,so she can get some hair first.

Missed bundles,Check the package is missing three bundles, I took the initiative to make up for her in the next order

613 color hair have brown hair in it, i pick up each one for her every order.

so far, The cooperation between us is getting bigger and bigger.
She has more and more orders.we develop together.