This customer is specializing in Lace Applications and Custom Wigs Construction Services. She has her own salon and website which attract tens of thousands of followers. Many clients book appointment at her salon and place order from her website. We provide her with good products and service.
When we first started working together, there were some problems, but we all solved them actively.

For example:
Before our New Year holiday 3 day, she ordered some wigs, but she want to receive by 9th Feb. One of them need to be customized, So just in case I shipped out her stock order immediately, the customized order just take 2 days then ship out again for her.

Then she got her wigs on time and had a perfect photo shoot. She is very satisfied with our hair quality.

So far, we have keep a good cooperative relationship.
We will try our best to meet the needs of all customers
The best customer experience is our ultimate goal!